Marketingship inc. helps small businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations to connect with contacts, customers, and members. Launched in 2010, Marketingship understands the needs of small organizations and is committed to providing an easy and affordable way to build successful and long lasting relationships with customers, members, and associates.

Marketingship provides quality Email Marketing, Event Marketing, and Community Management services- all supported by excellent instructional guides and videos- to help any and all kinds of small businesses, non profits, and other organizations create top notch email marketing campaigns, interest catching events, and informative portals to create a real dialogue with their customers and members.

Through Marketingship, small organizations have access to the latest information and education to help them learn the best practices for email marketing, event marketing, and customer and member relations. Organizations can rely on high deliverability of their messages thanks to Marketingship's no tolerance anti-spam policy and on the sanctity of their information with their privacy policy.

Marketingship provides free MailCraft account with 3000 contacts.
No delivery limit. No time limit. No commitment. No credit card required.