The Market Mastery Protégé Program is a complete, step-by-step market mastery trading course designed specifically for the Stock and Options markets.  Without the hype of unrealistic expectations, you will learn a complete trading program that will maximize your profit potential while minimizing your exposure to risk.

Best of all, Bill Poulos teaches you how to do this by spending only 20 minutes a day!

When you get your hands on this one-of-a-kind training program, you will be able to put to work for yourself:

·        4 unique trading methods to take advantage of virtually any condition the market decides to throws at you

·        4 quick-reference trading blueprints that give you the methods at a glance

·        6 carefully-designed video training modules professionally recorded and presented to you on 12 CDs — so you can quickly master the four Market Mastery methods

·        One bonus CD video module cover all the basics of trading for review or to bring you up to speed

·        A complete, 441-page instructional manual giving you a written reference for everything covered in the videos

·        A ton of Real Life trading examples so you can see the Market Mastery methods in action

·        Immediate access to the exclusive Market Mastery Protégé Program Members-Only website chock full of bonus “Here’s-How-You-Do-It” videos and resources

·        Plus a TON of Extra Bonuses — Bill is committed to seeing that his students succeed!

Bill Poulos designed the Market Mastery Protege Program to be the last stock trading mentoring program you’ll ever need, one that you can pass on to your family and children for generations to come.