For more than 30 years, Market-THINK’s founder has been involved in the development, marketing and operations of a spectrum of California multifamily projects. Few senior management and marketing professionals have had the intensity or level of experience that Market-THINK’s principal has had, and even fewer have been responsible for the hands-on operation of properties.

Today, we play a variety of roles for clients. We provide asset management and owner representative services, overseeing property operations to ensure optimum performance on an on-going basis. We assess client property performance and make strategic and tactical recommendations, so properties achieve their more immediate financial and business goals. We tackle the issues and supplement your team – on a project-by-project or longer term basis without you having to add to your staff overhead.

Our mission is to bring together talented people who think strategically and act creatively to help our clients compete and succeed in their marketplaces. We exercise a collaborative approach that includes the best and brightest experts in the multihousing management and marketing fields. We work in concert with our clients to identify solutions and execute them with professionalism and creativity while responsibly managing costs. Our goal is to give our clients the best possible service and product, generating superior results, at a competitive price.