I’m Mark Jacobson, M.S., Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, and I started Brief Counseling Center because I believe that lasting, positive transformation doesn’t have to take forever to achieve!

I specialize in helping couples, families and individuals tap their existing strengths and resources to focus on solutions that can potentially transform their lives…in as few sessions as possible. (That’s why I tell my clients my goal is for them to fire me!)

In my relationship counseling practice, I give both partners practical tools and techniques they can begin using right away, making it possible for them to be:

* Less angry and reactive
* More effective, positive parents
* More satisfied with their relationship
* Able to communicate better and argue less with their partner
* Happier and more peaceful at home with their family
* Able to get beyond infidelity
* Able to find lasting solutions to other problems

I also work one-on-one doing individual counseling with those who want to find ways to better manage stress, anxiety, anger, grief or depression, or who want to be in recovery from addiction or other challenges that are keeping them stuck.

I believe that helping people is about viewing the entire context, and not blaming one person, judging or taking sides.

I have offices in Delray Beach and Fort Lauderdale, with day, evening and Saturday appointments available. Learn more about me and how I practice therapy and check out my blog for useful tips and advice on making relationships better.