Rather than having multiple agents managing small sections of your portfolio separately, Markpro allows you to consolidate your patent, design, utility model, and trademark renewal requirements. Markpro’s annuity payment and renewal services provides you with convenience, security, and cost-effective management.


By consolidating renewal requirements, you would receive all of your renewal reminders in the desired format. The entire annual renewal records can be viewed on a few itemized invoices listing all the payments in one currency. We provide urgent payment procedures and electronic data transfers for efficiently handling charges and information. We also offer budget forecasting before proceeding with renewals.  


Our renewal service allows for greater security by providing updated checks on our clients’ case data. By having an additional portfolio record maintained by a highly advanced computerized procedure, you can be 100% confident that your data is always accurate and up-to-date.  

Cost-effective management:

We provide renewals at bulk rates and reduced service charges. Our services are all-inclusive and direct payments are made to the relevant (Industrial Property Office).

Our procedures provide administrative cost savings and budgetary savings resulting from an efficient cash flow. We can also reduce your costs by garnering crucial information such as advance notices about the increase of official fees in a related country. For example, when the UKPTO announced its annuities increase effective from April 6th, 2010, we gave our clients due notice and paid the annuities for their cases due from April to June, 2010 in advance saving them significant amounts of money.