Marlynn Consulting Group, LLC helps businesses get funding through grants and economic incentives.  In order to help our clients successfully navigate the world of economic incentives and grants, we hold their hands from the acquisition to the closeout stage.

Our key services include:

- Acquistion & Negotiation of funding through economic incentives & grants
- Monitoring, tracking and reporting project goals
- BootCamp Compliance Training
- Oversight/Review

We developed a BootCamp Compliance Training Program to educate participants of economic incentive programs (like QTI) on how to get the maximum funds awarded for their project.  

We understand that your time is valuable and you are more concerned about growing your business.  However, we also know that due to limited knowledge of the incentives and grants process and requirements, many companies walk away each year leaving money on the table.  This is where Marlynn Consulting comes in. We help you navigate the economic incentives and grant maze with ease.

As a result of Margo Thomas' experience as the former Project Manager for Florida's more widely used incentive grant programs (such as Qualified Target Industry | Closing Fund | Brownfield Redevelopment | Capital Investment Tax Credits | High Impact Performance Incentives), we are equipped with the expertise to act as your Compliance Department.  We monitor your economic incentive and grant project goals for you.  This ensures that you are on track for meeting your project goals.  

We also provide Oversight services where we review your compliance reports and supporting documents before you submit them to the grantor agency.  This review provides an additional layer of quality control,which ensures that adequate documentation is submitted to prove you qualify for your payments.

Marlynn Consulting Group provides up-to-date information on economic development incentives through our blog: http://marlynnconsulting.blogspot.com/