Affordable Slow Fashion-  In a world where fast fashion brands like Zara and H&M dominate, it is our mission to give slow fashion a voice. We wanted to take the slow fashion movement one step further and bring it into the hands of anyone who is capable or interested in producing ethically, which is why we created this peer to peer marketplace. It is this model that allows our  marketplace to offer the widest range of affordable and ethical apparel and home decor options.

Together We Save The World-  This means that brands or designers as well as students or stay at home professionals who are creating sustainable products are welcome to join and sell directly to consumers from around the world who are curious about being more conscious. By engaging in sustainable production and consumption we can make tangible change. So whether you care about ocean conservation, reforestation, vegan, organic, fair trade labour or more, we have thousands of stylish products that support these causes for you to pick from.

Origins- We are named after both the timeless Marrakesh Marketplace filled with unique wonders as well as the Marrakesh Agreement of 1994, where 124 nations came together in Morocco to form what is now the WTO (world trade organization). This agreement was meant to achieve greater equity and transparency in global trade, especially pertaining to agriculture and textiles.

Vision- It is our dream to continue this mission for global equity through textiles and fashion. With our global platform and community, we are empowering slow fashion makers everywhere. By uniting these ethical producers and consumers, our initiatives become amplified. We are all united by the fabric on our backs, and together we change the world.