Marsatta Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory located in Torrance, California, just a short bike ride from the beach!
We decided to open our new retail store and factory after being forced to close our manufacturing location in Redondo Beach, California in April of 2014. We figured the landlord wasn't much of a hockey fan after giving us our vacate notice. She did not take too kindly to our Oompa Loompas playing a game of hockey in front of our facility. We are often asked because of a hockey game? Yup. It's not a typo but it is in fact a true story. Yes,strange thinks do occur in this beautiful world of ours and this one is right there with the best of them. Our previous chocolate factory was just that a factory with no real retail space. While open, we had constant knocks at our door from people asking for our chocolate and some even picking up a hockey stick or two and joining in on a friendly game while waiting for their order. We would never say no and so for those that waited they always left our factory extremely euphoric with usually some chocolate and sometimes with a goal or two!  After we closed our location and most of our larger machines put in temporary storage facilities, we managed to forge on selling our chocolates at our weekly Farmer’s Markets all the while leasing out kitchen space wherever we could.
Most small business goals are to eventually scale up their business while we were now facing a unique position to us on trying to scale down. We were away from our factory for over a year and a half but now have a new state of the art chocolate making facility 5 minutes from our old factory in Redondo Beach. We can't wait to see you!

ESPN Story: http://espn.go.com/nhl/story/_/id/12269319/nhl-nhlpa-program-gives-gardner-family-hope-access-hockey