Described by his clients and those who know him as grounded, educated, cultivated, practical, supportive and intuitive Martin lives with his wife and son on the remote island of Tasmania.

Born in England he survived a Jesuit education, Martin took an honours degree in physics, qualified as a chartered accountant, worked in the City of London in investment banking, migrated to Australia where he was a corporate financier, farmer and management consultant.

Bringing a wealth of practical experience to his work, Martin is very non-judgmental and open minded, working to support clients to achieve their goals.

He works as a clinical hypnotherapist, counsellor and mentor because this is the best expression of his life experience and his gifts. He sees his work as allowing clients to achieve their full potential - wherever that journey takes them.

He has qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist to further help his private clients in all areas of healing and growth – once you hear his voice you will understand why.