Prince Karl is an independent organization that has no ownership, or management involvement, with any Education provider anywhere in the world. This independence allows us to  advise on opportunities being provided by educators. It is our belief that the stereotyped approach to education provided by major education providers in the most developed (and now stagnating) part of the world is not necessarily the best answer for today's students in still developing and possibly more progressive countries. This belief causes our pages to reflect generally small, but reputable, educators offering more targeted education in a generally more acceptable price range to those determined to study to secure their future.

Educators, and those advising students, are particularly invited to inquire about any of the following.

First of all may we offer you the opportunity to play your part to help save the planet for future generations by bringing to you one of the first really practical ways - SIAT teaches a wide range of Technology oriented courses with particular emphasis on Photovoltaic (PV) System Integration and Module Fabrication. SIAT courses are designed to meet student’s educational and skills needs as well as the needs of the PV Industry, at an affordable cost. As a qualified technician in the solar energy field you are sure to be in demand as an employee of a company with a future at a satisfying salary.... MORE.

Secondly, Spectrum Language Centre teaches English (the international language of business) via several types of course, Mandarin in 3 increasing levels, Malay and basic Arabic. These courses will be of benefit to both Malaysian and international students.  Multi linguists are in ever increasing demand throughout the world with further progress being made in globalization....MORE. Find us online at www.princekarl.asia

Now we would like to bring to your attention a course designed particularly for Malaysian students and those from other ASEAN countries. The Spectrum Diploma in Management will be widely accepted by employers and a reflection of the course integrity is demonstrated by its acceptance for PTPTN and other student loans....MORE.

The solar energy course offered above is available to Technical Colleges, electrical distributors and other corporates in the electrical energy field as a Franchise. No matter where in the world you are located we can assist in setting up our course in your premises and provide on-going support in administering the program....MORE.

Finally today, we have a fully equipped University, specialising in genuine on-line education, available for you to purchase - budgetary price only US$250,000....MORE, or obtain a teaching franchise in the field of Solar Energy....MORE.