Founded in 2002, Martin Levy Public Relations, Inc. (www.martinlevypr.com) creates exposure and market traction for emerging growth and new technology companies, as well as Personalities/Subject Matter Experts. Our offices are located in Seattle, New York, and San Diego.

In addition to generating press coverage and mind-share with analysts and those who influence, we believe our ultimate mandate is to position our corporate clients for funding, acquisition, IPO or increased public valuation. We call this Valuation PR.

We work with a wide range of clients and technologies including lifestyle, consumer apps and gadgets, wired/digital media, enterprise hardware/software, global content management and social intelligence, cloud computing, CRM, Call/Contact Center, Big Data/Analytics and more.

Past and present clients include:

Alticast, Creditnet.com (acquired), Daptiv (acquired), Datacastle, Envision, Interneer, GalleryPlayer (acquired), General Software (acquired), Healia (acquired), Heapsylon, LiquidPlanner, SDL (LSE: SDL), Support.com (NASDAQ: SPRT), Vidiator, Vievu

We use this formula to achieve results:
•Sandblast positioning via deep industry, company and competitive audits
•Expert media training and smarter “press packaging”
•Aggressive, rotating media relations campaigns (product, feature, customer, news, trend, corporate, financial, bylines, expert)
•Ensure PR is lock-step with marketing, search and web campaigns
•Marry social media with PR into “greater sum parts” to further drive messaging/awareness
•Deliver strategic communications counsel on all-things marketing including social media, competitive challenges, corporate and product positioning, messaging and brand
•Drive analyst relations to shape and define vision and market perception
•Leverage customers and partners at all points along the way
•Adjust...or die!