Martin Yale Industries is a U.S. based designer, engineer, and manufacturer of high-performance equipment, specializing in paper handling and print finishing. Martin Yale is home to a multitude of brands, covering a broad scope of business needs:

|  MY Office Products - Small Office & Business Products
|  Count - Commercial Grade Print Finishing Equipment
|  Dry-Lam - High-Quality Laminating Machines & Film
|  Dyna-Cut - Innovative Equipment for Packaging & Labeling
|  Postmark - High-Speed, On-Demand Inkjet Printers

The Martin Yale office products that you’ve come to depend on over the last number of decades is now known under it’s new name, MY Office Products! The MYOP portfolio offers all the small to medium sized paper handling equipment you’ve come to expect from Martin Yale, including paper folders, openers, punches, joggers, padding presses, equipment carts and more.

The Count line of products consists of commercial print finishing equipment to automate and speed processes including creasing, perforating, scoring, numbering, and folding. All products are made right here in the USA, with American reliability and durability.

The Dry-Lam name has been known for years for its high quality lamination and laminating equipment. With a broad range of laminators with a variety of capabilities, you are sure to find the right machine for your projects.

Dyna-Cut offers high-end packaging and labeling equipment such as the RD435 rotary die cutter. Create custom cuts, folds, perforations, kiss cuts, and more with custom flexible metal dies.

Postmark is a post equipment manufacturer whose products can be found in offices around the globe. Leading the Postmark portfolio are the 1170 RapidColor and XiJet printhead, both offering high-speed, on-demand, inkjet printing ideal for post rooms, production facilities, packaging manufactures, print rooms and more.