MaryAnna's Tea is an independent brand founded by tea enthusiast Mary Ann Rollano in 2008. As the beverage world continues to become saturated with overly complex and artificially created beverages, the mission of MaryAnna's Tea is to provide high-quality products with simple, real food ingredients.

Micro-brewed bottled teas. Good home-brewed sweet tea is seemingly simple to make but mastering the art takes a little time. Brewing tea well demands the use of only real tea leaves. Most commercial brewers will not work with tea leaves, using instead powders, extracts or flavorings. We do not use any of these, rather we micro-brew in small batches from premium tea leaves. We offer an all-natural bottled tea in lemon, peach or raspberry flavors, lightly sweetened with pure cane sugar. These are smooth, full-bodied black teas.