Beautiful Kids Natural Products is the brainchild of Mary Robbins, a mom and LCSW from a sleepy New England town, which coincidentally has a sizable population of ducks and geese.   The Sassy line of skin and hair care products came about as the result of an unmet need for safe, superior products with good ingredients for her young daughter and other kids.

When considering the Sassy product line, Mary knew that it had to be green and have a social conscience.  Mary’s daughter and her friends gravitated toward products that sparkled or that were mass- marketed.  But these products had so many chemicals in the ingredient lists that you didn't know what was going onto your child’s skin or hair.  

So, Mary created products that were as all-natural as possible with the least amount of ingredients to do a superior job.  Sassy products have Organic Honey and plant extracts, and most of them have Organic Olive Oil too.  After the formulas came together Sassy was born: a healthy, self-confident duck with a little attitude and a lot of cool.

By encouraging families to purchase products with organic ingredients we are directly helping to reduce the amount of pesticides in the environment.  Organic farmers use no pesticides!  

We give back with the help of Cuz Girls Care, our program to help restore the destroyed milk weed fields of a monarch butterfly farm in Wisconsin.   A portion of the proceeds from each product sale is given to the farm.   When the farm is up and running again, we will survey girls on our web site to find a new project to support.  

Girls will find Beauty Power Tips along with powerful positive messages and advice to help them create their best possible future.   Moms and Dads can take advantage of the site too and get helpful advice in dealing with the growing pains of tweens and teens.   Mary teamed up with a Certified Parenting Coach and Instructor who will regularly publish relevant articles on the website.

At Beautiful Kids Natural Products, everyone is fully committed to our mission: providing safe, good-for-you skin and hair care products, a website supporting tweens and their parents, and a give-back philosophy.

All inquiries and orders are fulfilled promptly and anyone who answers your call or email will be friendly and helpful – we guarantee it.   Sassy products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.   If you’re not happy with any of our products for any reason, call us and we will cheerfully refund your money after you send back the unused portion of the product