April 10, 2008: Hani Masgidi announces today the immediate availability of Step to Call Center, a new e-book that will provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to start, set up and operate a call center within your company. The book contains real-life documents, various templates and step-by-step instructions for establishing time saving and cost reducing customer-to-company communication.

There is a growing pressure in today's global business environment for companies to deliver better service while spending less time and money. Corporations are focused on better customer experience all around. To achieve it, they must set up an appropriate department to process orders and get feedback from their customers, a call center.

At the same time, a bunch of questions arises: how to start a call center business, what are the costs and prospective revenues, how to operate it and many others. Step to Call Center answers not only these questions but also the most troubling one: how to set up a contact center within minimum time and with maximum cost-effectiveness. With the help of numerous templates, the guide shows how to make a call center more personalized and accelerate response times.

The guide covers such aspects of call center business as starting up, presenting fundamental principles of this issue; startup and operational documents and templates analysis, job descriptions, performance review and organization structure, service training materials, advising on how to choose and train the personnel. In addition, the Management Process Assessment section will help you to revise the acquired knowledge.

Step to Call Center will come in handy for customer service representatives, supervisors, CEOs or managers who would like to improve customer support service and anyone who is interested in starting their own call center.


Step to Call Center is available at, as well as further details on downloading and payment methods.