Danny Wallace Ministries was born from one child’s will to live. Just as God’s boundless love and forgiveness restored this broken child to bless his abusers, DWM is reaching out with the power of these same treasures to bring hope to lives that hide in the shadows of shame – appearing to be hopeless.

It is our mission to restore the power of God’s richest treasures into the hands of every broken heart yearning to beat strong again. We bring to them a blessing, where their lives have been cursed. We embrace them within arms of true love, with no condition attached. And finally…it is our greatest mission to arm every broken life with the power of forgiveness for those who deserve it the least. As Jesus delivered these three great treasures to us – with honor, we deliver them to all of the world, enabling every caged bird to fly free again.

As a victim of childhood physical and sexual abuse at the hands of his own father, as well as others from the age of five (5) until his childhood marriage at seventeen (17), Danny had already experienced more than any man of multiple decades should ever know.

As a result of the doorway opened in his formative years and the resulting emotional and sexual conflict going on inside this man during his years of puberty, Danny Wallace was destined to spend many years bound in the deception and stronghold of homosexuality, until his deliverance near thirty (30) years of age.

Over the years Danny has been involved in the Christian Music Industry as a label artist for Brentwood Records in the early 1980’s, and subsequent years of concert travel where he performed as a solo artist and opened concerts for such artists of the day as, The Imperials, Andrus Blackwood & Co. and others.
In the late 1990’s Danny traveled the country with his sons in ministry as he shared his life story and music along side long time friend and fellow minister, Lulu Roman of legendary Hee Haw fame.

In 2003, after years of sharing his testimony of childhood sexual abuse and deliverance from homosexuality, Danny Wallace discovered that he was HIV positive with a diagnosis of full blown AIDS later that same year.

This amazing life story now covers not only his survival of overwhelming odds across his childhood and beyond, but a complete healing of AIDS and a message of forgiveness the world has downloaded and received in CD format thousands of times over via his recorded testimony, No Harm Done.

Quite possibly the most inspiring and captivating testimony of God’s love, forgiveness and great infinite mercy you will ever hear. Danny’s life story is dedicated to all who…..ever dreamed of being truly free!