As the only private-industry mass spectrometry lab located in southern Calif. offering high-resolution, accurate mass QToF and high-sensitivity Triple-Quad mass spectrometry services, Mass Spec Lab solves the most difficult chemical analytical challenges to help clients meet their tight development and regulatory timelines. The multiple mass spectrometry technologies provide customers with precise quantitative and chemical structural analysis to aid in the detection of leachables and extractables for biomedical devices, analysis of precursors, by-products, contaminants, and degradants in pharmaceuticals and biotech, and contaminants (e.g., pesticides), and degradants for extracts, cosmeceuticals, and personal care products.

Co-founders Marie Dvorak Christ and F. Richard Christ seek regulatory approvals at the IDE, PMA, and CE mark levels. Mass Spec Lab offers high-end analytical and regulatory services for a variety of industries including biomedical devices, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and natural products.  To learn more call 949-872-2724 or email: info@massspeclab.com