Founded in 1990, the Massachusetts Association of Buyer Agents (MABA) is a non-profit organization of real estate professionals dedicated to assisting buyers when purchasing a home or condominium.  

A select percentage of agents in the state of Massachusetts meet the strict requirements for becoming a member of MABA.  Such dedicated buyers agents adhere to the highest ethical standards while assisting buyers with all their needs – from initial negotiations through closings – when purchasing a home or condominium.  With their comprehensive market knowledge, member agents are a critical resource to first-time buyers, those moving into the state through relocation, and repeat buyers seeking to streamline the purchase process.  

MABA agents work exclusively in companies that never represent the buyer and the seller of the same home at the same time so as to avoid the conflicts of interest that continue to be common in the real estate industry today.  While the distinction has become confusing for many home buyers in recent years, a home buyer can be assured their MABA buyer's agent is dedicated to serving their needs and working with them to assist them through the time consuming and stressful time of buying a home or condo.

Why consider a dedicated buyer's agent?  Working with a Massachusetts Association of Buyers Agents typically saves clients time and money. Our clients consistently speak to the benefits of knowing they have a professional dedicated to helping them find, evaluate and negotiate a home that will best meet their needs while saving them the time and aggravation too common during residential real estate transactions today.  

How do I find a buyer's agent in Massachusetts?  It is easy!  Go to www.massbuyersagents.org and simply complete the brief form.  you will be provided with a list of recommended MABA buyer's agents for you to speak to and select the one that best meets your needs.  

Why not hire a realtor?  One of the most common reasons our clients select a MABA agent is to eliminate any potential conflict of interest within an office or with the realtor himself/herself.  MABA clients are assured that only their needs are the priority and focus of their dedicated buyer's agent. Not only does this relationship provide peace of mind for the home buyer, it saves time and energy.  Our clients are busy; many are professionals who have little to no free time to research communities, review zoning laws and regulations, or gather the various key information that affects home values over time including planned developments and knowledge of school districts.  Save yourself valuable time and hassle and be assured you are adding a professional to your home buying team whose only priority is finding you the right home at the best price to meet your needs.

For additional information on MABA and to speak to and select a dedicated buyers agent in Massachusetts, please visit www.massbuyeragents.org.