Massively Parallel Technologies, Inc. (MPT) is a privately held technology company incorporated to address inefficiencies in software development. Today, MPT focuses on implementing optimizing features in an automated manner on legacy codes. The analysis of a legacy code is often a daunting and cumbersome task taking years of effort. MPT has automated the analysis process to minutes yielding interactive graphical information that includes automated optimization of task level parallelization, resulting in legacy codes that run efficiently on modern multi-core computers whether they are located in a cloud or private domain.

MPT's product Blue Cheetah is a legacy code’s key to digital transformation! Blue Cheetah is designed to provide the power to create, analyze, maintain and modernize applications utilizing interactive graphical representation of the source code. MPT’s intellectual property has been validated by virtue of thirty-two patents (including three in Japan), in addition to being an affiliate of ASU at SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center.

Blue Cheetah facilitates transparency and collaboration into the software development process, to enable software developers and business applications to return the most value to the organization. Blue Cheetah assists enterprises with code Development, Analysis, Modernization and optimizing performance on modern machines.

Legacy codes imported into Blue Cheetah are immediately displayed graphically as design diagrams of that code. Thus, it enables instantaneous visualization of the existing business logic and code structure. This automatically generated and valuable design diagram is more than a simple flow chart, it is a repository for all the code from which all changes may be initiated. Software developers are tremendously more accurate when they can visually “see” their work and its interconnected structure. This reduction in errors as well as the rapid interpretation of the existing software yields significantly lower development costs.

Blue Cheetah’s analysis of the extracted design diagrams from legacy codes automatically highlights software interdependencies, inefficient structures and opportunities for parallelization as well as other code improvements. This level of insight into legacy code immeasurably expedites any code development or functional improvements. A developer has immediate access to the relevant code by simply clicking on the object within the graph or hovering over an object for more information.

Blue Cheetah transforms all code into a state machine (mathematical structure) for analysis. This allows calculations to be performed for optimization, accuracy, and consistency. For instance, Blue Cheetah will profile each kernel or algorithm depicted graphically as the code was provided in its original state. As parallel implementations are included for the new code each kernel is profiled again with its new parallel structure to substantiate the performance enhancement. Additionally, all control flow and data flow is identified separately on the design diagrams. Each diagram has a great depth of information and allows a developer to click on a particular function or kernel to dig deeper into the code or view additional diagrams for that specific segment of the code. Blue Cheetah also requires that a test procedure be written for each individual process created. Thoroughly tested code at the kernel level leads to fewer errors and less debugging as the entire software program is collated.

Newly transformed and/or created code is ready to be run in the Blue Cheetah cloud or other environment. The state machine formulation of the software in Blue Cheetah provides the capability to verify the validity of each step in the execution of an application and serves as a simulation environment. Accurate code means less time spent debugging and faster time to market.

In short, MPT has reimagined software development for the enterprise to solve software analysis and modernization relevant to the 21st century.