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The latest electronics offered by Mastibids.com include Apple iPhone4 and iPad2, Blackberry smartphones and Nokia cellphones and mobile phones. Other electronics you can find are laptops, LCD TVs, gaming consoles (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3), home theatre systems, cameras, pen drives and webcams. Among accessories, the things to watch out for are the Reebok Zigfuel men’s shoes, perfumes such as Davidoff Cool Water, polarized sunglasses, bags and Fastrack watches. That’s not all. Mastibids.com also has such refreshing items as movie tickets and gift vouchers from leading brands and stores like LifeStyle. Such products are not on offer on any other similar website!!
As an auction website, Mastibids.com requires you be the last bidder in order to win a product. You don’t have place the highest bid, just the last one. And if you happen to be the last bidder, you can receive the product(s) at more than 95% discount!! The race to become the last bidder is absolutely thrilling! It gives the website an element of fun and the consumers an even better reason to check it out. And if you just happen not to be the last bidder and still want the product, just use the “Buy It Now” feature and you will get the product at a huge discount from the market price.
The low prices, discounts and deals provided by Mastibids.com are evident through an examination of the past winners. Here’s a list of products and prices-
Apple IPad for Rs. 167.60
Panasonic Home Theatre System for Rs. 23.70
Davidoff Cool Water for Men for Rs. 2.30
Premium Polarized Aviator Sunglasses for Rs. 7.80
Reebok Shoes for Rs. 5.40
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