Trendy Tummy Maternity was created when the founder and owner, Catherine Adderson, was just over 8 months pregnant with her second baby girl (in 15 months).However, in order for her to stay home and raise her sweet little girls, she needed to bring in some income.

Her passion has always been business,which she excelled in. Catherine graduated top of her class with Honors and on the President's List in college- with Business education-major Marketing. She always knew that she wanted to work for herself and make money for her family and herself,not for someone else. Ever since she was a little girl, she had the entrepreneurial spirit and would constantly think of new products or services the market was either lacking,needed improvement on or a new product/service that would make everyday life easier and more convenient.

Trendy Tummy Maternity has a wide selection or trendy maternity clothes , nursing clothes and accessories for the hip expecting or nursing mom. Shop today!