Whizz Education

Whizz Education enables individuals, families and communities throughout the world to realise their full potential, by creating inclusive learning environments that are based on customer needs and deliverable standards.  

We envision a world where individual online learning is vitally important to raising national and international education standards, with Whizz Education as the globally recognised benchmark for quality.


We believe that our success as a company is dependent on how we practically embody our core values. We are therefore accountable in terms of upholding these values in all our dealing with staff, customers, shareholders, suppliers and partners.  We know that we are most effective within an environment of shared values and mutual respect and that this is based on our belief that everyone has the right to a good-quality, individualised education; irrespective of nationality, culture, socio-economic circumstances or gender.


•     We are committed to continually developing and building upon innovative, creative and enjoyable  learning services that lead to measurable results  

•     We are committed to raising learner confidence and educational standards and through online, personalised tutoring services and resources  that are applied with best practice

•     We are committed to catering for each student’s unique ability and pace of learning, by delivering individual learning in a scalable way.  

•     We are committed to working with educational, corporate and charity partners with the aim of  creating funded access to our services for everyone


Whizz Education was incorporated in 2004 as a privately funded Limited Liability Company in the United Kingdom. It is now lead by a Board of Directors that include founder members and industry experts. Whizz Education inc was incorporated the US in 2006 and Whizz Education FZ LLC is in the process of formation.


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