Make customer support a competitive advantage with Matrix Mobile Apps, the complete, easy-to-deploy mobile application that helps you put customer needs first. No matter how small or large your business is, Matrix Cloud Tech can supply you with no-coding-required mobile app development that organizes all sales and customer relationship data in one convenient app.

Matrix Cloud Technology offers a system that can connect to any CRM application currently being used and can even connect more than one enterprise application in one app. Matrix CRM is platform independent so less worries on the compatibility of the devices to be used.

Matrix CRM uses the latest security measures and authentication standards, safeguarding data and helping you manage access rights and authorization. Keep in touch with your customers and never keep them waiting for the information they need.

Matrix CRM provides you with the complete information you need wherever you are. Use your mobile device, tablet or laptop to access the data you need and be more effective and efficient in your transactions.

Reduce the risk of losing customers just because you can’t meet them. With Matrix CRM, suitable appointment times can be proposed and synchronized to your calendar, helping you be more productive and in managing your time. Engage with your customers more and you never need to cut your meetings short.

Matrix CRM provides you with real-time and complete information that you need to close that deal, answer any inquiry your customers may have, or initiate a transaction.

Use your idle time to update your sales forecast and transaction details anywhere, no need to head back to the office!

Matrix CRM also helps you direct your focus on opportunities that are most profitable with actual data presentation and forecasting. This helps you identify the most profitable prospects and prioritize responses.