Matrix Dance Canada holds itself to the highest standards to offer an event where athletes can showcase their skill, development, artistry & passion through dance. We strive to offer a unique experience that is both competitive & fun. You may even get to see a surprise dance performance from a judge or two!

Our adjudicators are carefully selected through an in-depth evaluation process of their technical & artistic merit, experience as well as what we like to call their Wow Factor. We have found that only when this level of detail and thought is put into the adjudication selection process, are we able to offer you some of the best in the industry and then match our adjudicators together to make a judging panel tailored for each event. Our impressive judges are top-notch experts in their fields and they are excited to be adjudicating your dancers at one of our events.

At MDC we want every athlete to have an equal chance to shine, that's why we give out placement medals to every dancer who places at one of our events in every performance, from solos all the way up to huge productions. Our directors have put their heart and soul into creating a competition experience like no other that you will put us at the top of your list to attend every year!