Mattress Helper restores all soft, sagging mattresses which show body impression to look and feel new again.  Mattress Helper is placed between the mattress and box spring in the area that is soft to restore firmness and support for a better night sleep.  Mattress Helper will extend the life of any mattress by years providing a better night sleep.  Restore your mattress for additional comfort and support by simply placing Mattress Helper under the mattress in the area that is sunken in.  You will experience an immediate improvement in your mattress.  Mattress Helper is very easy to install.  Simply take the Mattress Helper out of the carry case and place it between the mattress and box spring.  Made out of a durable poly foam design, Mattress Helper will not create pressure point pain as it is made out of the same materials as a mattress.  Sold on Amazon.com, Brookstone.com, Hotels, Hotel Supply companies, and soon on Walmart.com.  Firm your Mattress Up Again with Mattress Helper.   5 Star Ratings on Amazon.  100% Customer Satisfaction.  Patent Pending - Registered Trademark.  Made in the USA