Introducing The Pro Rewards Shopping App

Welcome to the future of commerce. Welcome to PRO!
PROCurrency is the coin that people receive back as coin rebates from IPRO Network .

PROC is social. PROC is disruptive. PROC is the Future of Commerce.
PRO - Professional Retail Offering
We all understand speculation is not enough and participation is what gives a currency long term sustainability.
We focus on solutions for consumers and businesses by rewarding them for utilizing cryptocurrency in their everyday life. PRO’s platform is a simple way for the masses to experience cryptocurrency without it seeming overly complicated.

PROC is the gateway to cryptocurrency. PROCurrency -  listed as PROC is on 5 different public exchanges and is being traded daily. You can find PROC current value on coin market cap at the link below


PROC aims to be one of the most recognized mainstream coins through our 2 phase system. Our apps are designed to turn spectators into speculators in a simple way. We are continuing to build lasting relationships and grow community involvement in blockchain technology. Participate in the PRO movement today.

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2 PHASES Of Apps For Use With PROCurrency
PROC's applications will bring mass awareness, engagement, and distribution for cryptocurrencies. There are 2 phases of development that have distinct purposes for both consumers and businesses.  Phase 1 is a gateway for the masses to adopt cryptocurrency into their everyday life.  Phase 2 will enhance the way people use and exchange cryptocurrency in a simple way. The shopping app is already live and spreading like wildfire.   See phases below.
Also check out  https://www.procommerce.io/

​PRO: The New Digital Currency Solves the Biggest Problem Bitcoin Can’t

Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in the past year, in which it shattered new record highs over and over, has sparked a renewed fervor for digital currencies. But while traders are desperately trying to get their hands on Bitcoin, Ether or any one of the other 700-plus cryptocurrencies in this new digital gold rush, one fundamental problem is becoming clear: this is increasingly a market solely for asset speculators.After all, the primary purpose of a currency—digital or otherwise—is to be used as a medium of exchange for goods and services. But in this regard, Bitcoin may be falling victim to its own success. According to a recent note by Morgan Stanley payments analyst James Faucette, Bitcoin’s recent price surge is pricing out too many retailers from adopting the currency as a form of payment.As reported by Bloomberg: "Bitcoin owners are reluctant to use the cryptocurrency given its rate of appreciation, more evidence that bitcoin is more asset than currency," Faucette said. "Way easier to trade speculatively than convince new merchants to accept the cryptocurrency."That’s exactly the problem PRO Currency, a new digital currency launched in April, is looking to address, and why it has the potential to emerge from a crowded crypto field as a mainstream alternative to traditional payment methods.

How PRO is Rewarding Retailers and Consumers

But how will PRO stand out from the crowd of hundreds of other cryptocurrencies currently on the market? The solution is actually quite simple. With the recently launched PRO Rewards app, users can enjoy cashback in the form of digital currency rewards when shopping from over 4,500 of their favorite retailers, including Best Buy , Kohl’s , Macy’s , Sear’s  and Walmart . Users receive PRO Rewards for shopping at major retailers around the country instead of getting reward points or traditional cash back.The benefits for retailers are obvious. The PRO Rewards app enables them to entice customers with a digital currency-based loyalty program. For consumers, the benefits are potentially even better. Not only does this model essentially pay shoppers back for their product purchase in PRO Currency, but also provide could provide exposure to the potential of price appreciation of PRO as an asset class.By providing businesses with a method of attracting customers with a generous loyalty program, which simultaneously puts PRO Currency in the hands of consumers and into circulation for real world use, PRO is in prime position to solidify its place as a formidable contender for the digital currency crown. PRO Rewards is just the first step of a larger strategic plan to generate wider adoption of PRO Currency. Multiple mobile applications, social sharing platforms and increased merchant attraction is expected to roll out in the near future.

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