MAXIMUS Omni Channel Switching suite comprises a wide range of Payment Switch/EFT Switch services to drive different channels, such as ATM terminals, POS devices, eCom services, biometric enabled payments, kiosk services, immediate payment services, unified payment interface and others. In addition to the core switch, the suite also includes a cutting-edge card management system. The Company's Omni Channel Switch is connected to the national payment processing entities, such as the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), Royal Monetary Authority (RMA), Bhutan and other central bodies. The MAXIMUS payment services encompass transaction processing for RuPay, VISA, MasterCard, Union Pay International, JCB and other card networks, as well as digital payment transactions. The various channels - ATM, POS, eCom, IMPS, UPI, AEPS, ICD (interoperable cash deposit), kiosk - are driven by the MAXIMUS Omni Channel Switch in a seamless manner. Connectivity with over 45 backend systems have been established till date.

For Digital Payments, MAXIMUS offers industry-leading solutions for mobile banking, Micro ATM, microfinance, merchant payments, instant payments and others through agent and distributor models. Card-based merchant POS services as well as digital payment services (P2P, P2M, B2B) are offered. The Company also has a smart mobile wallet that can be used by banks, telcos, retail merchants and others offering services for smart cities. Depending on the customer requirement, MAXIMUS can function as a comprehensive MSP (Managed Services Provider), PSP (Payment Service Provider) or TSP (Technology Service Provider).

ATM Monitoring, EJ Management, Cash Forecasting and eSurveillance form the other pillar of the Company's service engagement with customers under the Monitoring Suite. In the Enterprise Management portfolio, MAXIMUS offers Multiway Transaction Reconciliation services, Credit Card Life Cycle Management, Card Control, Core Banking, NPA Tracker, HR Management and Identity Management solutions.

The customer base of MAXIMUS includes leading names from diverse industry verticals. The Company has sales and support presence in over 20 cities in India and abroad. The global footprint of the Company spans 10 countries.