MAX Industrial Microwave has developed and patented designs for applying power to achieve rapid uniform microwave heating for continuous tunnel (on a belt through a tunnel) and batch microwave oven processes on a production scale.

With many year fabricating and extensive application knowledge, MAX Industrial Microwave equipment is widely applied for different applications like wood, tea, paper, food, insects drying, herbal drying other material accurate moisture control.

Feature of Max Industrial Microwave

Max Industrial Microwave Efficient: The electrical microwave system only uses 35% to 50% of the energy per liter of water evaporated compared to other traditional dryers.  Additionally, it can achieve from 4 to 10 times faster than conventional drying methods, and important reduction on the thermal processing time. Max Industrial tunnel microwave continuously, averagely and immediately process large amount of material in a predictable and uniform manner.

Max Industrial Microwave sterilization: 915/2450 MHz of Microwave has the industry drying and sterilizing function. Typically, microwave sterilization technology can be utilized to both solid and liquid food, also preserves the food nutrition, appearance and flavor.

Max Industrial Microwave small footprint: Users only need lay material on the belt or tray without contaminated agitate and blend. Single layer microwave only take a small place with easy installation. Even in a constrained palace, users can easily operate the machine

Environmentally-friendly: The electrical powered microwave system could green source such as water energy, wind and Biomass fuel etc.  As the lower temperatures involved and no combustion, the microwave dyer’s exhaust is mainly water vapor, so it is much cleaner than other dryers.  There are no exhausted gas (COx, NOx) to achieve the virtually nil emissions. Particularly, the microwave dryer is popular in the cleaning workplace, laboratory and ethanol plant.

Why Choose Max Industrial Microwave?

Experience: with over many years experience of microwave drying food, mealworm, fiber & glass, china, wood, powder, pulp material, vegetable & fruit, tea, pharmaceutical and other industry material, Max Industrial Microwave could offer a efficient and cost-effective method to assist you. Our rich experience engineer could provide the batch oven heating microwave, tunnel belt microwave dryer, vacuum heating microwave and industry cylinder dryer etc. Our solution mostly meets and exceeds our customer’s expectation.

Unique design: Max is able to customize your specific requirement and design for your unique application. Our engineer team could simulate drying method prior to design unit and start fabricating the equipment in order to assure the efficient. Any requirements related to microwave dryer, our engineer is capable of providing a better and unique solution.

Economy: With the similar function as other brands, Max Industrial microwave has a competitive price with high quality standard such as stainless steel material, well-know brand microwave dryer components and specific design. Our equipment save your investment and control your business budget

Industry Recognition: Our equipment obtain a really good reputation in the microwave drying and heating industry as we meticulously manufacture every single piece and carefully inspect equipment prior to delivery to our customers jobsite. Therefore, Max microwave dryer has the recognition by competitors and users.

Also, Max has entered into a partnership strategy with Universities, Researching Institution and microwave industry league to develop and launch new microwave technology. Max Industrial Microwave integrates global resource, advanced technology and rich experience to service our customers. Max is committed to manufacture quality equipment with competitive price.

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