Are you tired of receiving incomplete, out-dated, and inaccurate reports from automated websites selling instant background checks?

Are you considering a business relationship as either a partner or investor?

Want to check out your dates background?

Mate changed thier habits?

If you are planning to hire a nanny or other in home care provider you should have a background search done as part of your due diligence.

Learn about the people you will be involved with. Do they have a criminal past? Are there tax liens, bankruptcies or judgements.....or worse?

As licensed private investigators we can offer you a "hands-on; weed thru the muck" source for your searches. We use proprietary data bases only available to law enforcement, the legal trade and private investigators.

We are NOT an automated affiliate site.

We also provide surveillance, field inspections and well-checks.

Real people will be working on your real case.

Services are available Nationwide.

Please visit our website at www.maxwell-jade.com for more details or call 1-800-661-9908

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