Founded in 2002 by William Scott Forshaw, Maxwell - Scott is a luxury leather brand based around family, craftsmanship and quality. After leaving his advertising job in London, William began selling his first briefcase, The Paolo, to businessmen on their lunch breaks. From then until now, his motive has remained the same - to create leather bags and accessories for people to grow with and invest in. Boasting deep connections with the Italian leather industry, William strives to keep their traditional craftsmanship alive through Maxwell - Scott's manufacturing. Iconic for preserving traditional artisan methods, there is an honesty to the Italians’ leather craft that is entirely unrivalled.

At Maxwell - Scott, we solely craft with full grain cowhide leather. Boasting the tightest structure, full grain is the most durable part of the hide and destined for a lifetime of wear.Honouring organic methods such as vegetable tanning, no synthetic or chemical substances are used to dye our leathers. As well as being environmentally friendly, this ensures a rich and unique patina on the surface of our bags - a finish most desired by the world's finest.