Re-Introducing Maxygen: Same powerful technology, now available to all

MAXYGEN is a fee-for-service contract research provider offering custom and collaborative programs to serve the protein engineering and optimization needs of the biotech industry. Maxygen creates high-quality recombinant libraries based on functional phylogenetic diversity using well-established molecular breeding directed evolution technology.

The original Maxygen Inc. was founded in 1997 leveraging the vision of Dr. Willem “Pim” Stemmer to engineer novel proteins using a laboratory version of homologous recombination process, which mimics the natural evolutionary processes in a test tube. This molecular breeding technology was used for the development of protein pharmaceutical products until the dissolution of Maxygen Inc. in 2013.

Last year, scientists with molecular breeding expertise came together with leaders in the biomanufacturing and contract services industry to launch the new Maxygen. The goal is to offer the molecular breeding technology to clients across all sectors of the biotech industry. Maxygen can provide combinatorial libraries or collaborate on a full discovery program to identify protein designed meet specific product requirements.

The new Maxygen Team has over 20 years of combined experience with molecular breeding directed evolution technology, allowing for strategic project development across all stages of a program. Areas of expertise include library design strategies, optimized standard protocols, target-specific protocol adjustments, an extensive troubleshooting toolbox, and assay development capabilities. The Team is skilled at translating the concept to results using custom directed evolution programs.

Interested in learning more about what Maxygen has to offer? Please check the website at www.maxygen.com. To discuss how the technology can be applied to solve your protein engineering bottlenecks and add value to your programs, please contact us at service@maxygen.com.