I started my work as inspector of antiquities at pyramids of Giza in 1993 in addition to work in different archaeological sites.
All  the work that I have made was participated with my colleagues and all under the supervision of Dr. Zahi Hawass, secretary general of the Supreme Council of the antiquities
Excavations   to the west of the great pyramid, known as western cemetery witch have some important tombs.
 The excavation and cleaning to the southern side of the Menkaure`s Pyramid ,and we discovered the double statue of King Ramses II ,it was red granite stone, where represented the king as god Ra hor- ackhty, and the other in the form of a royal king of Upper and lower Egypt. Passing the training operations on the excavations, called the field School of excavation, belonged to the American Research Centre, where trainees get from archeologists get experience certificate as scientific training of excavations and related activities out of drawing wealth and study of archaeological sites and studies of pottery, bone and rocks as well as drawing, archaeological photography and related activities manner excavations in the archeological sites
Supervise the work of the Czech Mission who worked in Abu Sir, a region that the ancient kings of the Fifth Dynasty chosen to build their pyramids, located south of the Giza pyramids, where the mission was completed cleaning and excavation of tombs.
Supervision of excavations by the German expedition to the west of the second pyramid and specifically rock- cut tomb where we discovered an important tomb, which belonged to Iry-in-ackhty who lived in Fifth dynasty and the tomb has not entered   it was blocked with large stones inside  original entrance.                                     
Supervise the activities of the U.S. mission, which has worked at Giza Pyramids area , a school excavation of the America Research Center, which has done the training of practical work on the excavation for inspectors
Of antiquities the mission was near to the builders of pyramids (workers village) which was discovered by Dr. Zahi Hawass, and this site is a rich because of its relationship with cemeteries builders of Pyramids where was daily life of the builders of the pyramids answering the needs of the region as well as provide them with food and drink and beer while building the pyramids.
I had the great honor to be one of the archeologists, who accompanied the exhibition of King Tutankhamun, who held in USA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at Franklin Institute, exhibition is held under the name of the Golden Age of the Pharaohs
I have honored to accompany guests by official delegations from Egypt SCA, such as presidents, princes, ministers and members of Congress and the official guests of my country.