Maykaa is an emotion, and the home-grown designer jewellery brand stems from this emotion. Every piece of jewellery is carefully curated by artisans with high expertise and decades of experience. They sell high quality designer jewellery at affordable prices for women from all walks of life, and that’s what sets them apart from the crowd!

Maykaa makes designer jewellery for women to make every woman’s life more beautiful than it already is! They provide a wide assortment of jewellery in the range of earrings, rings, neck pieces, head pieces and hand pieces. Along with curating fashion and traditional jewellery pieces and sets, Maykaa carries a unique feature with them. They also sell looks.
They sell looks in three broad categories;
Boss lady- Designer fashion jewellery and traditional jewellery for working women;
Social diva- Jewellery for the purposes of parties and gatherings like wedding jewellery, party wear jewellery even bridal necklaces; and
Everyday aesthetics- A look that women don on a daily basis, but the variety is immense! This includes daily wear jewellery and statement jewellery!

All of this can be browsed and bought from their online store! Maykaa jewellery and its online store gives you the exclusive choice to piece together a look along with jewellery of your choice!

Check out their exclusive collection for best jewellery experience at https://www.maykaa.in/