Mazda dealers  offering new and used cars in local areas.

Everything we do is daring, ingenious and fun. Our cars all have that extra-special 'Zoom-Zoom' factor: sports-inspired design and motoring in their soul.

Pushing back the boundaries, setting new standards in style and comfort: that's the Mazda way. And when it comes to performance and safety, we're a carmaker you can count on.

Leading the way in technological developments: that's where you'll find Mazda.

And right now we're moving forward. Fast. Our fuel cell electronic vehicles (FCEVs) are clean engine cars that will ultimately benefit the environment. But we won't just wait for these to be ready: at the moment we're refining DIRECO-D, our direct combustion turbo diesel engine, with its STEP 4 catalytic converter.

Meanwhile there's the Mazda toroidal Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT). This is a metal belt-equipped transmission which eliminates shifting shock, enhances fuel economy and provides smooth stress-free driving.

Designs of the future

Mazda's Contrast in Harmony design theme is truly inspirational. It draws on nature's wide range of harmonious contrasts, with a result that transcends mere beauty to embody pure harnessed power.

Our next generation of cars will continue to evoke this. Designs will extend the boundaries of automobile technology and build on our proud tradition of innovation.

For you, this will mean a diverse array of stylish and spirited vehicles: all infused with the spirit of Zoom-Zoom.

Our commitment counts

   These are guiding principles for us. And we're committed to them one hundred percent.

For example

   We've reduced waste material going into landfills in our production facilities by 55% since 1990.
   Our overall recycling rate has topped 91% (1996).
   Over 75% of our plastic parts can be recycled.
   All our gaskets and brake-pads are asbestos-free.
   We don't use ozone-damaging CFCs in polyurethane products (such as the foam padding in seats, armrests and steering wheels).
   Many of our plants have passed the stringent ISO 14001 test - commonly known as the environmental ISO. This includes all our operations in Japan, and AAT, our joint venture with Ford in Thailand.

Looking to the future

Mazda leads the way in exploring alternatives to fossil fuels.

Right now we're working on fuel cell electronic vehicles. FCEVs are clean engine cars that will ultimately benefit the environment.

Mazda - Scrappage Scheme - A Fresh Start

Has your car reached the end of its life? Mazda have teamed up with "CARTAKEBACK", who provide a National network† of professionally operated Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF's). Each of these facilities is equipped to manage the complete process of taking back an 'end of life' vehicle for recycling.

In return for your old car we will pay up to £180.00^ including VAT for its Scrappage value*, and it will be disposed of in an environmentally-responsible manner. You'll also be provided with a Certificate of Destruction (COD) for your records. This offer is in addition to the great offers available right now. Latest offers
Not buying a new car?

If you are not looking to buy a new car at this time, the 'Cartakeback' facility remains free of charge† to the last registered holder or keeper and you still may receive a payment for its Scrappage value (please ask your local dealer), providing that:

   The vehicle is complete and contains the essential components including engine, transmission, coachwork, wheels and catalyst (where fitted).
   The vehicle is free from additional waste (such as garden/household waste, additional tyres etc).
   That you contact Cartakeback through www.cartakeback.com or telephone on 0845 257 32 33.

Alternatively, please call us on 0845 601 3147 for further information.

In accordance with the Waste Batteries and Accumulator Regulations 2009, individual car batteries that have reached the end of their life can also be recycled via your local Mazda Dealer. The Nominated dealer can then contact BatteryBack Plc (0844 800 5671) to arrange the collection and safe recycling of the battery. For further information on any of the above, please call us on 0845 601 3147 (Mazda Motors UK Ltd, Environment Agency Producer Registration Number: BPRN00480)
Want to know more in the process about recycling your car?

First of all, we professionally de-pollute the car. This involves:

   Draining all fluids
   Removing the battery and tyres
   Neutralising airbag systems

Any saleable parts are removed and sold. The vehicle is then crushed at a shredding facility, and separation techniques used to recover metallic's for recycling into new ferrous and non-ferrous metals.