I am an attorney who believes in representing clients for an affordable rate.  I began my legal practice in a Clinical Law Program and at the Public Defenders Office where I represented those unable to afford legal services.  As a result of my background, I believe is continuing to provide legal services to those in need at an affordable rate regardless of financial status.

Through my law practice, I concentrate on matters of Criminal Defense and Family/Divorce Law.  These two areas are often intertwined and experience in one greatly benefits clients in the other.  Just because I concentrate in these two areas does not mean I do not have experience in general civil litigation.  People accused of crimes may be sued in civil court for damages.  Therefore, I also offer a more general practice to anyone who walks in my front door.  

My office is based out of James M. Herb and Associates in West View, PA.  That is just north of Downtown Pittsburgh.  James M. Herb and Associates has been providing legal services to Pittsburgh and the surrounding area for more than 20 years.  If you have a legal issue, chances are, we have dealt with it before.  I offer free parking, free consultations, and I will always return phone calls.