Every one wants to know what sets us apart from all the other SEO, website builders, internet marketing, and reputation management. Well the truth is we give extra-ordinary service to all our clients. In all situations we are there to get our clients ranking higher in the search engine, building jaw dropping sites. What we do is expressed better saying this:

"The need and the desire to serve have always been and always will be

a major motivating force in business.

Neighbor competes with neighbor, and pretty ruggedly,

too, but nearly always to the end of giving the

consumer more and better products, superior service, higher value.

This is the American tradition. The fact that it has built the highest standard of living

the world has ever known is evidence, to me at least, that there is something more

than a dream of profits behind the progress that we have achieved and hope to achieve in the future."

--Jervis J. Babb

So in short we do welcome the competition, in fact if it wasn't for them we would not know where to begin or who to learn from. We are known to be competitive by nature and sometimes to the end but the end does not have to be the extinction of your business. It could mean to the end of a non-existing business where both companies are giving to the consumer and thus the consumer is receiving two times the service.