On August 18th to August 24th 2015, Cedgy Promotions, Inc. will host a dance, music and cultural festival, known as the “Miami Beach Kizomba Festival” or “MBKF,” featuring high caliber dance instructors, singers and speakers from around the world representing cultures from Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau and others.

The MBKF, will host over 970 men and women from across the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and several countries across Europe as well as introduce a multitude of these individuals to the African dance, music and culture.

Our purpose, our reason, our souls, our classes, our parties, our staff, our festival attendees.....our culture! Welcome to the family.

There is only one way to describe what will transpire: We aren’t sharing a product. We are sharing a culture. We are not trying to be the first. We are not trying to be the best. We are just trying to be different. We are just trying to give people an authentic experience.

In the process we also want people who attend our festival to have fun. It’s not a formula… it’s just a lot of common sense… MBKF 2015… it’s coming.

Let's get ready for a fantastic experience. Thank you in advance for being part of something special with us.