Our Studio is home to one of the foremost collections of bonsai trees in Texas. In addition, we offer for sale a large variety of high quality finished bonsai, pre-bonsai plants, bonsai pottery, tools, books and supplies. Each winter and early spring we offer classes in creating bonsai that are tailored to meet the needs of bonsai enthusiasts from beginner to advanced. You are welcome to visit our Studio, Store and Bonsai Garden during our regular hours or at other times by appointment.

Bonsai has been our hobby for over 35 years. The MBP Bonsai Studio began as the Midwest Bonsai Pottery which was born in the garage at our home in St. Paul, Minnesota, 25 years ago. Following our relocation to Texas in 1985, the Midwest Bonsai Pottery became MBP Bonsai Studio. Along with the name change, the business has grown over the years and now includes a bonsai nursery and school.

Our bonsai are styled under the direction of Mike Hansen. Mike has studied the bonsai art for 38 years and he has lectured and taught bonsai for 28 years. He is active in local, national and international bonsai organizations. Most recently he served as President of Bonsai Clubs International from 1992 through 1994.

Mr. Hansen’s bonsai trees have been displayed at national and international bonsai exhibits. In 1987 Mike was honored as an Outstanding American Bonsai Artist at the International Bonsai Congress Exhibition in Minneapolis, MN. Two of his bonsai were displayed at the National Bonsai Foundation Exhibit that same year.

Mr. Hansen frequently travels to give bonsai lecture/demonstrations and bonsai classes. If you or your group has an interest in learning more from Mr. Hansen, please call the phone number below or send an e-mail. The MPB Bonsai Studio has truly international connections. In addition to our top quality domestically grown bonsai, we pride ourselves in providing exquisite specimens that we import from Japan, China and Korea. To insure top quality and good value, we regularly travel to Asia to select the bonsai trees, tools and supplies we sell. MBP Bonsai Studio is one of two bonsai importers that is currently working closely with USDA APHIS to insure importation of insect free and disease free trees.

Come and visit our Studio, Store and Garden. We are open Saturdays from 9:00 am - 5:00 PM, Sundays from 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM and Tuesday through Friday from 1:00 PM – 5:00 . Also, we are happy to open at other times by appointment.