The multi-layered, colorful, and textured mixed media in Caridad’s work have in common the artist’s fascination with the Latin American culture and his relationship with the universal energy and mysticism. Marco Caridad (b. 1985) was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela and moved to Miami in 2011. He holds a BFA (Graphic Design) from The University of Zulia, and an MA (Design and Media Management) from Miami International University of Art and Design. Caridad was selected by a Venezuelan producer who used his life story and paintings as a source of inspiration for the play, “Sala Marco Caridad” which premiered with a Solo Show in Miami, in 2016. In "Beyond Rainbow" at Gallery Galleon, in Puerto Rico, he sold out his collections during the opening night. Caridad has a background in advertising and theatre; He has worked on projects with Lenny Kravitz, Miami City Ballet, and Visit Florida among others.