In 1983, Keith McCormack co-founded the McCormack Drug Research Group which in 1985 was incorporated in the UK as McCormack Ltd. In recent times, McCormack Ltd is also known as McCormack Pharma through its recently-developed website.

Upon inception in 1983, in addition to designing and supervising pre-clinical and early phase clinical studies, McCormack Drug Research Group pioneered the application of novel in silico methods of data analysis that exploited the use of existing data for a selected brand. These early methods allowed a re-evaluation and reinterpretation of product data in the context of the most up-to-date understanding of the brand’s licensed indications. In this way, McCormack developed a niche service that offered clients the opportunity to reinvent established brands without recourse to expensive, protracted and high-risk new studies.

In the early 90s, in continuing to specialize in the mining and analysis of existing data, McCormack’s methods and algorithms became increasingly automated through the use of customized relational databases. These databases were powered and adapted by McCormack for the discovery of original and previously-unknown relationships between a brand’s data and the data that characterizes a licensed indication. Collectively, these latest developments were subsequently subsumed by the acronym, CEME (Cutting-Edge Medical Education). It is the use of CEME that distinguishes McCormack as the only organization with technology that enables differentiation of a brand through the generation of new teachings.

In today’s volatile and frequently uncertain pharma landscape, McCormack’s CEME technology offers clients a reliable, rapid and extremely economical solution for identifying new value and opportunities for any brand. Excitingly, McCormack’s proprietary technology has also been identified as an essential prelude for refining searches of real-world data and designing point-of-care longitudinal studies for brands at any stage in the lifecycle.

McCormack Ltd is based in North London.