I am Chris McCutchen, owner and operator of Atlantic Climate Control heating and air conditioning located in Mt Pleasant SC. I started Atlantic Climate Control heating and air conditioning with my friends and neighbors in mind. After hearing so many complaints from people on the difficulty to find an air conditioning company that offers a great service for a fair price I decide to go at it. I made the decision to go back to school for heating and air conditioning. For many years I have done new home construction and home remodeling and with the economy falling I decided it was time for a change.

I attended Trident Technical College where I maintain a 3.9 gpa in the hvac program. I was one of the lucky ones where all of this new found knowledge came natural to me. I was once told by one of my professors that there are three types of hvac guys out there. They include the 70% parts changers (those who just change the part til it's right),  the 20% that are unit changers ( those who can't find or fix the problem and change the unit) , and final 10%  the technicians (those of us who diagnose the problem and fix it at the source). I strive to be the best at what I do, and I do this with integrity. This is why I started Atlantic Climate Control.

We understand that as a consumer like everyone else, we know the value of the dollar and like you we work hard to earn everyone that we do. We know that it is value and customer service that keep a good company going strong for many years. This is why we offer our services at a fair rate and we give 110% in all that we do. We wont show up and change a simple part and leave. When we arrive we will thoroughly inspect you system to insure that it is not just working but performing as it should. With it performing the way that it should we in turn are saving the customer money through lower utility bills.