1. Company

McFFe Group is an international outsourcing procurement and purchasing firm providing professional services to the industries and organizations like hospitality, construction, retailers, school, government and world release for their FF&E* and OS&E* needs. The primary goal is to assist our clients in achieving quality products while maintain in cost effective, on-time delivery and professional customer services.

We have partnership with our vendor/factory/manufactory widely ranged from Asia (mainly China) to Europe and more. From start to finish, we can assist with idea creation to final delivery so your purchase now can be served by a professional team with solutions to support and strengthen your business and your profitability.

(FF&E= Furniture, Fixture and Equipment; OS&E= Operation Supply and Equipment)


Our procurement service is provided on-demand base simply from a single product sourcing to long term contracting many like:

    -Strategic Sourcing
    -Cost analysis
    -Factory Audit
    -Logistic management
    -Warehouse management
    -Supply Chain management