SBA Loans
The SBA Loan benefits to a business include both longer terms and larger loan amounts than may be available through a commercial bank. SBA Loan interest rates are competitive with conventional loan rates. Also, all SBA loans are fully amortized and never have balloon payments, prepayment penalties or annual reviews.

Unsecured Business Lines of Credit
This special program is designed to help business owners more effectively manage their business cash flow. A credit line can help manage late receivables, operating expenses, purchases of inventory, and help with cyclical business fluctuations. Companies may also use their line of credit to pay bills early to receive supplier discounts.

Invoice factoring is the process of selling your companies invoice or invoices for immediate cash. Cash flow is the single biggest hurdle that many business owners face in today’s competitive environment and we understand that you need cash for invoiced sales quickly. By converting your accounts receivable to cash you can count the cash instead of waiting at the mail box for checks to slowly arrive.

Venture Capital
There are three general types of venture capital: seed capital, for ideas that have not yet come to market; early-stage capital, for companies in their first or second stages of existence; and expansion-stage financing, for companies that need to grow beyond a certain point to become truly successful. Venture capital can also help a company merge with or acquire other companies.

Business Plans
Organized, logical and persuasive presentation of your funding request is crucial to getting your request to stand out from everyone else. We know what our funding sources want to see when they review your request. By having a plan tailored to match your request to the potential investors guidelines you can expect a better response to your request.