Provider of HIPAA compliant Email Service. We provide MDofficeMail Secure Email Hosting and CryptnSend Email Encryption Service.

Other important features of MDofficeMail includes:

New recipient validation: By selecting this option while composing a message, the sender can restrict a new recipient from viewing the message without a security token. This token can be given to the recipient over phone.
Password reset authorization: Unless the sender authorizes, recipient cannot reset a forgotten password to view a secure message.
Validation of recipient to reset password: Optionally, the sender can validate the recipient requesting for a reset of a forgotten password.
Sender has the option to send encrypted message or plain message to any email recipient
Access logs: Access logs can be viewed for each user, as required by HIPAA
Force expiration of sent messages: In case incorrect information is emailed by error, sender can force expire the message. Force expired message will no longer be available to the recipient.
Fixed life of sent message: Messages are automatically deleted from MDVault after 30 days irrespective of whether it is already viewed by the recipient or not.
Downloading and storing: If the recipient wants to save important messages for future reference, they can download and save the message on their computer.
Secure reply: Recipient of a secure message can send a secure, encrypted reply.
Automatic session time-out.
Change-Password Reminder: Users are reminded to change their password every 90 days to maintain the HIPAA compliance.
Attachments: Attachments can be sent using Compose Webpage, Webmail and MS Outlook. Attachments are encrypted and can be downloaded from MDVault secure site. Recipients can include attachments in their replies as well.
Limitations with Crypt-n-Send Service from MDofficeMail:
Message headers, including the subject are not encrypted and will get delivered to the recipient in the notification. Be careful not to include sensitive information in the subject line.
Messages held by MDVault will be removed after 30 days for better security. So, it can't be used as a long-term secure message storage.