Meal Plans Plus designs custom plant based nutrition plans for weight loss, muscle building, and a variety of health goals.
Right now, there are approximately 7.5 million plant based eaters the US alone, and that number is growing at a fast pace. Reaching health and fitness goals without animal foods is something we are passionate about! We want professional dietary (qualified nutritionists and registered dietitians) to be available to everyone. Just like everyone else, vegans and plant based eaters want to know what to eat to get adequate nutrition. Meal Plans Plus is perfect for those who are newbies, as well as vegan athletes and competitors who need more fine tuning in their nutrition plan, body composition, and fitness routine.
Meal Plans Plus nutritionists and registered dietitians have created 3 vegan nutrition plans for you to choose from so you can reach your goals with a plan that suits you best!
High Protein: This plan is for you, if you want to emphasize protein in your diet in order to build more muscle or maintain the muscle you have built. This might be great for you if you are on a high protein diet right now, but want to switch to a plant based version. This plan averages at 140g of protein a day! That’s pretty dang good.
Raw Plan: This plan is great for you if you want to eat more nutrient dense, whole, raw foods. People tend to feel a lot more energized with the more raw foods they eat. The key to eating raw for many people is knowing how to create delicious recipes that you won’t believe are healthy!
Anti-Inflammatory Plan: This plan is for you, if your goal is to decrease inflammation, feel more energized, and improve your overall health. We have put a special emphasis on specific foods, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that have been shown to drastically decrease pain and boost immunity. This plan also excludes oils, so you can get maximum benefits.
All of these can be fully customized to your goal, whether it’s weight loss/ fat loss, weight gain/ muscle growth, or maintenance. So when you sign up, we can change anything for you, like adjust calorie levels, swap out recipes, or make sure you nutrient scores are up to par.
Personalized nutrition plans and coaching are also available for individuals work better with accountability and have very specific nutrition requests.
New members can expect to see updates to their app in the near future to create an even better vegan nutrition and fitness experience! Members can sign up and get more info at www.mealplansplus.com