Auto Repair shops have traditionally engaged and collaborated with their peers through mouth-to-mouth exchanges, typically with shops within a block from their location. Until now. 

The Mechanics Marketplace is an auto-repair business to business mobile application that allows auto repair shops to collaborate, trade, borrow and loan from each other. It expands their network from a block away to 5, 10, or 20 miles away, depending on their desire and need for help. 

We have created an online business tool that formalizes what many shops do verbally and casually today, expanded their network a 1000-fold, increased their resources and efficiency and, most importantly, provided them with means to increase their gross profits.

Auto Repair shops, including General Auto Repair, Dealership Service and Parts Departments, Body and Collision Repair shops, can borrow and loan employees, borrow and loan tools and equipment, outsource services to each other, locate, buy and sell hard-to-find parts and discounted auto supplies, overstocked parts and equipment. 

We have created a process and methodology that allows auto repair shops to deal with the cyclical and often unpredictable nature of their business by sharing employees with their peers in a trustworthy and ethical manner, while protecting them from the inherent risks and liabilities of the trade. Employee sharing enables shops to gain quick access to vetted employees to cover for employees on vacation or during busy periods while helping slow shops save costs by loaning out their employees during slow periods. This Win-Win approach benefits auto repair shops, while the industry suffers from lack of sufficient technician graduates to meet the growing demand.