Med-Innova is focused on providing a range of unique, niche Medical products for your health care facility that are focused around infection prevention; Our specialist Medical products will help to minimise the risk of cross contamination; ensure safety of patients and users with the addition of being extremely easy to use.

The Med-Innova team are committed to deliver clinical solutions to meet the ever changing needs in today's evolving healthcare environment.

Our mission is to work with specialists in manufacturing whilst offering our clinical and logistical expertise to produce holistic solutions that are cleaner, greener and safer - yet simple to use and appealing in design.

We will offer services to help you plan your project, understand and maximise your space as well as ensuring you do not go over your budget.

Med-Innova‚Äôs management team consists  of several experienced clinical staff whose vision is to strive to deliver expertise and innovation through a clinical understanding of your needs. We will work in partnership with our customers to provide innovative solutions and value for money.

Together we will develop long term partnerships that will continually benefit the end users. Our commitment first and foremost is to improve outcomes and enhance safety for patients and their caregivers.