Our corporate mission is simple: we provide seamless medical transport services with the same level of care and concern you would show to your own loved ones. Our medical professionals move patients from where they are to where they need to be in a caring and reassuring environment. Even in a time fraught with fear and misgiving, our clients look back at their MedFlight911 transport interaction and say, “It was a wonderful experience!”
The entire MedFlight911 team is trained to listen to you, and build an individualized transport plan based on your needs. With a network of regional, national and international resources at our fingertips, we have the flexibility to customize a plan based on:  

•     The responsive and appropriate level of care for the patient
•     The logistic options available in the desired timeframe
•     The needs of family members or care-givers who accompany the patient
•     The necessary liaison planning and information transfer
•     The payor requirements or limitations

Because we operate on a patient-centric model, MedFlight911 does not receive financial benefit from using one provider over another. Our “preferred providers” are those that meet our highest standards of proven service delivery and provide the best patient outcomes.

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