GR-PR helps clients by going after free inches in newspapers and magazines and free minutes on television and radio. Stories end up in the coveted news and feature sections and TV and radio segments, but not  as paid advertising. The operative word here is “free.”

After a 30-year career in journalism and public relations, President Ginny Richardson and her staff know what is news, how to present ideas to editors and TV producers, and how to represent clients to the media – with professionalism, warmth and excellence in the written word.

Social Media

Vice President Andy Richardson lends his internet expertise and experience to lead the Social Media division of GR-PR. Today, social media is a powerful direct-to-consumer tool, and no company or organization can afford to be without it.

Through the use of weblogs and social sites, clients are able to get their message or news straight to the consumer while boosting organic search results of the clients’ main web site. Traditional media relations activities go hand-in-hand with a powerful social media campaign.

Clients have a social presence on the following sites:

   * A Blog
   * Facebook
   * Twitter
   * LinkedIn
   * YouTube
   * Yelp
   * Google Local

Our Philosophy

To represent a client to the media or the public in a manner that is timely, absolutely accurate and properly professional. Our goal is to provide information that is, in a word, irresistible.

Our Business Objective

To communicate; to write, speak, teach, lead, listen, and learn; to work as a team, to make a difference; and to make a buck.