Media Aetas translated from Latin means “Middle Ages”. A great love of medieval stories, tales, styles, music and atmosphere is felt by us and reflected in many of our stories. There exists a special love of castles as we believe that the most magical energy emanates from them.
Our job as we view it is to source and discover new imaginative ideas and write them effectively for a multitude of audiences.
These ideas are often derived from our dreams, nightmares or directly from our lives, so each one is communicated via its specific genre. Usually nightmares transform themselves into horror scripts, whereas certain facts of life are destined for our comedic works.
We have produced as Independent brand Production no-budget short films such as “Thy Pipe” (official selection at Short Films Corner of Cannes 2011, Silver Medal Winner for Excellence in Music at Park City Film Music Festival 2011), “The Greatest Escape” and “Vellum”. We also completed the Season One of the first Gothic/Comedy TV/Web Series produced in Ireland and Italy “UN-MATE” (12 episodes). Andrea Casagrande works as Top Executive, Producer, Storywriter and Score Composer (Full Member of IFTA, IMRO, IPSG, IFTN), Giovanna Senatore works as Top Executive, Storywriter, Scriptwriter and Director for the brand.